June 11th – We Need YOUR Help!!

UPDATE!  PFOR WON SECOND PLACE!! WOOT! Thanks everyone for coming out and showing us a ton of loud and boisterous love (it’s our favorite kind).  Also thanks to James for picking us to play in the first place.  We like you, mister. JUNE  11      CAFE COCOMO      POCKET FULL …

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Tales of Tail – March 10th – 6pm

This is what we are doing next – it’s free and there will be alcohol there and people talking about sex and love and there will be art and music and crafts. And you. March 10th – 6pm – Fivepoints Arthouse.

Two New Tracks

We have been playing these songs for a little while now in BART and at Dolores, and you may have heard them on the Pirate Cat show as well.  Now they are here, recorded and downloadable. Saturday Night is a cover of the Misfits, and Men! is a new original …

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Freakin’ Finally – The Pocket Full of Rye EP is DONE.

This is the first ever recorded release that has ever been made of our songs. And we made it ourselves. You heard me. Thanks to the magical, mysterical, wonderful technology of today’s world, and Cristian’s hard work at learning all this awesome stuff about recording and mixing and mastering – …

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Friday September 3rd, 2010 7pm

Come celebrate the anniversary of my (jamie’s) first kiss! Ok, that’s not really what this event is about, pure coincidence. It really is the legit anniversary of my first mack-down though…been smoochin’ for 11 years and counting. Woot! (who remembers shit like that? oh, people who write every moment of …

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Running next to time.

Aw, jeez this summer is going by so frickin’ fast. We have been running around all over the place – playing shows, making friends, grilling meats, brushing our teeth twice a day…lots of work. Not to mention our day jobs (psst! we are still taking applications for sponsors/sugar daddies and …

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Weekend Warriors

Since all three of us have day jobs, or middle of the night jobs (Chris), our weekends are our time for glory.* I am in charge of documenting these weekends. This is pretty important for me as my days off tend to blur together after a while; they get tangled …

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