Welcome To Pocket Full of Rye!

austin_picture-300x200Pocket Full of Rye is Cristian Ortiz (Cello), Chris Harrington (Guitar), Elan Hawtrey (Cajon) and Jamie McKenzie (Voice) who play acoustic, gypsy-folk, 50′s love song-influenced melodies about happy people in sad situations. They cover the Misfits sometimes too.

Sounds like: Brandi Carlile singing Danzig, Beach House on anti-depressants and/or a less-stoned version of Jolie Holland singing the blues.

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Our “Resume”


SF Weekly, Best Suburban Funk Band, May 2011:

“The band’s suave style — just a guitar, a cello, and the voice you want singing you to sleep at night — fits any performance space and goes down like smooth whiskey… they’re able to get a punk room into a funky groove while playing an acoustic coffeehouse set, or kill at a BART station poetry reading with a single amp.”

Tucson Weekly, Live, December 2010:

“Pocket Full of Rye showed off a sound more dynamic and full than you might expect from arrangements comprising simply cello, guitar and voice. The songs lurched from a raucous gallop to quiet, intimate moments.”

“Part of McKenzie’s appeal is a big, strong voice tempered in musical theater. She also capably captures the heart-on-her-sleeve combination of jazz unpredictability and bluesy soulfulness that we used to hear from performers like the semi-legendary folk-blues singer Judy Henske.”

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