Welcome To Pocket Full of Rye!

austin_picture-300x200Pocket Full of Rye is Cristian Ortiz (Cello), Chris Harrington (Guitar), Elan Hawtrey (Cajon) and Jamie McKenzie (Voice) who play acoustic, gypsy-folk, 50′s love song-influenced melodies about happy people in sad situations. They cover the Misfits sometimes too.

Sounds like: Brandi Carlile singing Danzig, Beach House on anti-depressants and/or a less-stoned version of Jolie Holland singing the blues.

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Our “Resume”


SF Weekly, Best Suburban Funk Band, May 2011:

“The band’s suave style — just a guitar, a cello, and the voice you want singing you to sleep at night — fits any performance space and goes down like smooth whiskey… they’re able to get a punk room into a funky groove while playing an acoustic coffeehouse set, or kill at a BART station poetry reading with a single amp.”

Tucson Weekly, Live, December 2010:

“Pocket Full of Rye showed off a sound more dynamic and full than you might expect from arrangements comprising simply cello, guitar and voice. The songs lurched from a raucous gallop to quiet, intimate moments. The band plays at various events, even birthdays and wedding anniversaries, and if you are one of the guest and you are wondering what to give, here are some great wedding anniversary gifts to choose from.”

“Part of McKenzie’s appeal is a big, strong voice tempered in musical theater. She also capably captures the heart-on-her-sleeve combination of jazz unpredictability and bluesy soulfulness that we used to hear from performers like the semi-legendary folk-blues singer Judy Henske.”

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