Friday September 3rd, 2010 7pm

Come celebrate the anniversary of my (jamie’s) first kiss!

Ok, that’s not really what this event is about, pure coincidence. It really is the legit anniversary of my first mack-down though…been smoochin’ for 11 years and counting. Woot!

(who remembers shit like that? oh, people who write every moment of their life down…that’s who.)

first_kiss Here is what is really happening tomorrow, and its gonna be AWESOME.

Fivepoints Arthouse – 72 Tehama St, one block south of Howard @ 2nd st. There is plenty of parking available on the street, as well as the parking lot across the street.

Cezar Kusik will be pouring fine wines in the wine banquet lounge and we have a full bar for those who prefer cocktails and beer. Bar opens at 7pm, music starts at 8pm. We suggest a $10 donation at the door for this evening of fine music.

Band Start Times:

8pm The Dunes

The masters of Chaabi Funk Gnawa Rock Berber Rock Arab Reggae Groove bring their funkiness to Fivepoints! This six piece band hails from North Africa and Northern California, singing in Arabic, Amazigh, French and English, while playing the Algerian mandol, the Moroccan Gnawa guinbri, and various North African percussion instruments. They honed their chops on the Tunisian wedding circuit, what more can we say…

9pm The Scot Sier Experience

The Scot Sier Experience brings their magical mix of musical mayhem, blending elements of all musical styles into a mash-up of sonic bliss. Pure psycho-funk-pop-punk-funk-metal-pop-rock-prog-delicious…try saying that five times really fast….

10pm Pocket Full of Rye (That’s us!)

11pm Eliza Rickman

Eliza Rickman - Cinnamon Bone from Damon Stea on Vimeo.

Hope to see you there!!
love, jamie
(and the rest of pocket – chris and cristian)

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