Running next to time.

Aw, jeez this summer is going by so frickin’ fast. We have been running around all over the place – playing shows, making friends, grilling meats, brushing our teeth twice a day…lots of work. Not to mention our day jobs (psst! we are still taking applications for sponsors/sugar daddies and mommies/benefactors – write us a check if you’re interested).

BUT!  In no way do we mean to say we are stressed/tired/frustrated.  Life is sweet when you are doing what you love with people you luff*.

(*luff = love with a little extra fluffy)

In case you haven’t been able to come to our shows and say hi, here is what we’ve been up to lately:

We won 2nd place in the MNKY Productions Battle of the Bands!


(courtesy of Righter Imaging - thanks for making us look like rock stars, guys).

We are planning a show with the top three bands for the near future so keep an eye out for that – gonna be EPIC.

Our dear friend, Lucas, has returned to the land of espresso and cigarettes (that’s France).  This makes us very sad, but we had an awesome time playing him a special farewell show at USA Hostel. Those foreign kids are crazy…out of control in the best kind of way.

pocketfullofrye-july2010-2-300x200 pocketfullofrye-july2010-6-300x200

And the madness doesn’t stop there…we have a ton of shows coming up in San Francisco.  If you can come, we would be so happy and excited!  We are making new stickers too so come on out and we will give you one for to stick somewhere…


July 23rd – SoCha – 8pm – FREE
with Brandon Carroll and Kevin McCarthy

July 25th – FivePoints Arthouse – 4:30pm – $5 donation
with the Portuguese Artists Colony

August 13th – Dolores Park Cafe – 6pm – $4 donation
with Brandon Carroll and Caroline Alegre of the Alegre Sisters

September 11th – Glen Park Station – 9pm – FREE

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