Weekend Warriors

Since all three of us have day jobs, or middle of the night jobs (Chris), our weekends are our time for glory.*

I am in charge of documenting these weekends. This is pretty important for me as my days off tend to blur together after a while; they get tangled up with my dreams… and what actually happened and what was conjured up by my sub-concious appear to me to be the same thing. Additionally, since I’ve quit smoking I’ve been wearing a pretty grumpy face, so it is out of consideration for all of us that I am not actually in a lot of these pictures, at least until I regain some sort of emotional tranquility again.

In other news, the balloons that Chris and Cristian bought me about…a month ago? are still floating. Magic.

So. These are the pictures I took.

*glory = playing music and drinking and all around trouble-making

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